Grant Walford wears a suit standing in the Isuzu Australia offices, with the Isuzu logo on the wall blurred in the background

Isuzu Australia Announces Grant Walford as New National Fleet Sales Manager

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has named Grant Walford to spearhead its National Fleet Sales division.

Succeeding Tony Kerr, Walford boasts a rich two-decade career in the heavy vehicle sector, having held pivotal roles in sales planning, account management, product management, and customer retention.

Andrew Harbison, IAL’s Director and COO, praised Walford’s accomplishments and his strategic vision for the fleet segment, making him a prime candidate for this national role.

“Grant’s comprehensive tenure in the automotive sector, coupled with his contributions at IAL in New South Wales, positions him perfectly to take on the responsibilities previously held by Tony Kerr,” Harbison remarked.

“He possesses a deep understanding of Isuzu’s diverse product offerings and consistently prioritises our customers’ needs, be it a local small-scale business or a global logistics giant with an expansive truck fleet.”

Harbison further emphasised the significance of fleet sales to Isuzu’s overarching strategy, attributing the company’s enduring success and leadership in Australia’s truck market to its performance in this domain.

Walford expressed his enthusiasm about stepping into this role during a transformative phase for the heavy vehicle sector.

“We’ve witnessed remarkable shifts in the industry recently, particularly in the wake of Covid and the subsequent growth trajectory,” Walford noted.

“My ambition is to refine our operations, concentrating on the premier fleets that Isuzu Trucks champions, and to amplify this momentum.”

He stressed the importance of maintaining dedicated teams in every region, collaborating closely with clients to comprehend their business dynamics and operational landscapes.

Walford also highlighted the evolving demands of Isuzu’s clientele, including large-scale fleets.

“While there’s a growing demand for top-tier, intelligent trucks prioritising safety, environmental considerations are increasingly becoming paramount,” he stated.

He anticipates challenges in the near future, from Euro 6 emission standards to achieving carbon neutrality.

Walford concluded, “As we cater to present needs and anticipate upcoming trends, our customers can look forward to innovative models from Isuzu in the forthcoming 24 months.”