Hino Ultra Heavy Tanker parked roadside in the bush off a gravel road

Hino Showcases Innovative Ultra Heavy Tanker at AFAC Conference

The forthcoming Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Council (AFAC) conference will feature a cutting-edge Hino 500 Series Wide Cab FM 2632 Ultra Heavy Tanker (UHT) as a highlight at the Hino stand.

This fully functional UHT boasts a 10,000-litre water tank, designed for operation by a minimal crew. It efficiently delivers water to fire sites through a cabin-controlled joystick-operated front water cannon.

Given the current volunteer shortages faced by some emergency services, the tanker’s water capacity and operational simplicity are crucial, commented Hino Australia’s Department Manager for Product Strategy, Daniel Petrovski.

“Since its launch in March, the new UHT has garnered overwhelmingly positive responses from volunteers. It’s the first of many that will be deployed to brigades in the coming 18 months,” Petrovski mentioned.

He added, “Its earlier versions have undergone successful trials over the past four years, with rural firefighting volunteers playing a significant role in the consultation phase.”

The FM 2632’s A09C engine, delivering 235kW of power and 1275Nm of torque, is aptly designed for multi-axle fire and emergency service use.

Petrovski highlighted, “The vehicle’s six-speed Allison automatic transmission ensures enhanced drivability, catering to all drivers.”

Unique features of this tanker include an air Central Tyre Inflation (CTI) system, installed on all tyres, facilitating inflation or deflation as needed for the cabin. This feature proves invaluable, especially when tackling fires on sandy terrains or other low-traction off-road conditions.

The AFAC conference will also showcase a 400 Series Wide Cab GH 1828 heavy tanker, custom-built for the Queensland Rural Fire Service.

Petrovski pointed out, “Both the GH 1828 and FM 2632 come equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), a standard safety attribute that will intrigue fire agencies.”

The AFAC conference is scheduled from 22nd to 25th August at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.