A stressed female truck driver sitting in the drivers seat of a truck, leaning on the steering wheel

NSW Inquiry into Heavy Vehicle Driver Challenges

Last week, an inquiry was initiated in the Upper House to delve into the challenges faced by heavy vehicle drivers in New South Wales.

The investigation aims to understand the pressures on heavy vehicle drivers and their subsequent effects, as outlined by Cate Faehrmann MLC, Chair of Portfolio Committee No. 6 – Transport and the Arts.

The committee will focus on how these pressures lead to incidents involving over-height vehicles and influence the utilisation of rest areas and other fatigue management strategies,” Faehrmann explained.

Furthermore, Faehrmann’s statement highlighted the committee’s interest in evaluating the efficacy, impact, and enforcement of existing measures to alleviate pressures on heavy vehicle drivers. This includes examining training and educational prerequisites, penalties for over-height vehicle incidents, and the provision and appropriateness of heavy vehicle rest areas in both metropolitan Sydney and the broader rural and regional areas of New South Wales.

Additionally, the potential of emerging technologies to mitigate pressures on heavy vehicle drivers will be assessed.

The committee is open to insights from heavy vehicle drivers, relevant stakeholders, and the general public.

Submissions are due by 18 September 2023, with the committee’s proceedings set to commence later in the year.