Portrait photo of Peter Wilson standing in front of a ATSB media board

ATSB Appoints Peter Wilson as Commissioner

“ATSB Welcomes Peter Wilson as New Commissioner with Extensive Aviation Expertise”

The national government has endorsed the newest ATSB Commissioner, renowned for his extensive background in transportation and aviation.

ATSB Welcomes New Leadership

The ATSB introduces Peter Wilson as its forthcoming Commissioner to oversee transport safety inquiries.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has confirmed the appointment of Peter Wilson to the esteemed position of Commissioner.

The national government has highlighted this selection as a testament to Wilson’s profound expertise and executive leadership across various transport sectors, notably aviation.

Over his nearly three-decade-long tenure at Qantas, Wilson has amassed approximately 17,500 professional flight hours. Additionally, he has held senior leadership roles at Virgin Australia and Tiger Air, including positions such as Chief Pilot, General Manager, and Chief Operating Officer.

The government emphasises that Wilson’s vast technical knowledge, experience, and established reputation, complemented by his previous board memberships, will be invaluable to the ATSB.

Federal transport minister, Catherine King, commented, “With this appointment, we’re ensuring that the ATSB Commission remains enriched with expertise spanning rail, maritime, and air transport – the trio of sectors they’re tasked with investigating.”

She added, “I’m eager to collaborate further with the ATSB Commission to guarantee the utmost transport safety for Australians through impartial investigations and proactive safety measures.”