The original polymer barrier system!

The original polymer barrier system!

A safe solution for any type of warehouse, distribution centre or facility, these polymer safety barriers provide a modular construction that clearly segregates pedestrians and traffic.

Offering a range of benefits to many organisations worldwide, their in-built memory ensures the barriers spring back into shape, even after collision.  No more maintenance or replacement expenses!  These systems are intuitive and built with a strong composition that makes them impact-resistant.

Flex Impact is an investment in safety and workplace protection.  These systems have been specially designed to create safe, secure and productive working environments, in an economical manner.

Downtime due to repairs or replacing machines can result in massive overhead costs.

The overall design is completely modular.  Therefore certain elements can be easily repositioned to suit expansion and business requirements.  The barriers feature an extremely strong plastic with active memory.  It also has a unique guillotine locking system with tension regulation, for full reinforcement.  Flex Impact is tested securely to comply with relevant standards of safety.

Although it comes in a highly visible yellow and black colour, it has the ability to retain its shape, look and features even after a collision.  It has been developed to clearly divide pedestrians and traffic, whilst also protecting other infrastructure.

We have a wide range of product on offer to suit any type of application.  Browse our entire range, including:

  • Handrails
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Traffic Barriers Plus
  • Polymer Bollards
  • RackBull
  • Safety Gates
  • Column Protection, and,
  • Atlas Airport Barriers

Flex Impact is easy to install and can be customised to your workplace.

To learn more about the Flex Impact range, free call Materials Handling on 1300 305 710 or visit our website:


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