Parkes pitches to Amazon

Parkes pitches to Amazon

Parkes is an intermodal national logistics hub situated at the crossroads of the nation where the north-south and east-west rail corridors intersect, with a regional airport and accessible road networks reaching over 80% of Australia’s population overnight.

When Amazon recently put the word out that they were looking to establish an Australian arm, full of optimism (one of its best traits) the town of Parkes in Central NSW responded with why its strategic location would be advantageous to the Amazon business model. Watch the video.

With freight volumes set to double by 2030 and triple by 2050, Parkes will form an integral part of the intermodal freight network.

Parkes acts as a national transport node, as it is strategically located at the intersection of the Newell Highway and major railways linking Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth as well as Adelaide and Darwin. Parkes’ position has been further enhanced by the recent announcement as a critical node on the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project, which has received one of the largest investments ever seen in regional Australia of $8.4 billion. The project will connect the region to global markets via the major ports of Australia, placing the Central West region into an economically advantageous position once the project comes into fruition.

In addition to employment and investment opportunities, the National Logistics Hub in Parkes offers cheaper, faster and more efficient modal choices, and offers a centralised storage and distribution point for a range of commodities.

Parkes has access to all major cities in Australia, and this includes readily accessible rail connections to all major seaports. The centralised location of Parkes reduces the average distance that freight needs to travel to reach the major markets throughout Australia. This results in significantly lower transport costs for distribution. Other cost savings can also be achieved with lower industrial land costs and wage costs.

The Parkes National Logistics Hub offers modal choice and solutions that are cheaper, faster, easier and more efficient than alternative offerings. Investing in Parkes means lower overhead costs and greater profits.

Capitalising on these strategic advantages, Parkes Shire Council is of the belief that establishment in Parkes offers major distributors such as Amazon a myriad of opportunities.

The video was designed to showcase Parkes’ strengths as a major logistics hub, whilst also reflecting the essence of Parkes and letting its personality shine through with vision of its iconic world famous Radio Telescope featuring, along with recognition of its annual Elvis Festival.



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