Heavy-duty forklift launched

Heavy-duty forklift launched

The most efficient heavy-duty counterbalance forklift for warehouse and manufacturing applications to come from Crown Equipment has been launched in the Australian market.

Helping the company deliver a more extensive counterbalance forklift line-up for a wide range of warehousing requirements, the Crown FC 5200 Series provides the expected strength, stability and maneuverability from a brand renowned for producing equipment that stands up to the task.

Proprietary Crown-built AC drive motors are central to the Crown FC 5200 Series’ efficiency while supporting loads ranging from 1800 to 3000 kilograms. These combine with improvements to the motor-controller interface and the battery cut-off, furthering FC 5200’s economical battery use

Crown’s e-GEN braking benefits runtimes while reducing the need for maintenance compared to traditional friction brakes, further improving the cost of ownership.

On-demand power steering means that power is only used when the steering wheel is turned, avoiding energy loss. Fingertip-control hydraulics operate on a similar basis while providing streamlined ergonomics.

The FC 5200 helps operators get more done in less time, using faster acceleration, travel and lift speeds to move up to 10 per cent more per shift.

Its dual drive motors and steering axle geometry allow for a smaller turning radius so operators can handle heavy loads in tight spaces without causing extra tyre wear.

The tighter turning radius of the forklift enables the truck to be used in the same space as a conventional four-wheel forklift, while also allowing room for a larger battery that provides 15 per cent more runtime per battery charge. When the performance of the forklift is set to optimise efficiency, an additional 25 per cent of runtime can be realised, resulting in a combined 40 percent more runtime per battery charge.

FC 5200 positions the operator for productivity with ideal ergonomics, all-around visibility and ample workspace. Enhanced visibility results from the cab-forward design, low-profile cowl, narrow steering column and exceptional visibility through the mast.

Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System uses integrated sensors and controllers to constantly monitor and control key forklift functions and movements to enhance stability and safety. This combines with a strong, durable frame and power train to handle the most demanding loads, giving operators an added level of confidence.

General manager marketing Craig Kenchington said the FC 5200 Series’ pre-emptive focus on efficiency has resulted in a future-proof forklift.

“It’s safe to say that the forklift industry is likely to face increased pressure to provide more efficient products, just as the automotive industry has,” Mr Kenchington said.

“That’s why we’ve produced our latest products with an emphasis on driveline efficiency and are offering state of the art technology to achieve it.

“The FC 5200 was also built with a focus on efficiency in all functions and movements, favouring the operator and helping to maintain a comfortable, safe working environment.

“Crown has always built its equipment for durability and longevity and the FC 5200 provides optimum strength and manoeuvrability for heavy-duty use in applications such as dock work, stacking in racks and feeding assembly lines,” he said.

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