Dash-cam with enhanced video quality

Dash-cam with enhanced video quality

Navman truck camers MiVue580

Vehicle GPS and camera company Navman claims nearly 20 per cent of Australians have reported being involved in at least one accident over the last five years. An accident is especially serious for truck drivers who rely on their licences to earn a living.

As details make a difference when it comes to insurance claims, Navman’s new series of digital drive recorders embrace advanced features that are said to capture more of the specifics to help protect drivers.

The range’s functions include GPS tracking for clear-cut information about where a vehicle was positioned when an incident occurred, a 6-glass lens for quality footage, as well as a Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor on the MiVUE 580, that offers detailed video footage with contrast and rich colours during the day and high-quality video recordings for night drives and low-light weather conditions such as rain and fog.

The range consists of the MiVUE 530, MiVUE 560 and MiVUE 580, which continuously record a user’s drive including the critical moments before an accident occurs, to help protect motorists from fraudulent accident claims, road rage incidents, and to show proof of who was at fault.

All devices in the range record footage in full HD quality and both the MiVUE 560 and MiVUE 580 have a 2.5” LCD touch screen for easy menu navigation, while MiVUE 530 has a 2.4” LCD screen.

The digital drive recorders also include a 130-degree wide angle lens that captures every detail ahead, including lanes on either side making it usable in blind spots as well as a 6 glass-lens with a F1.8 aperture. In-built GPS across the range also captures GPS co-ordinates so drivers can pinpoint the precise spot a collision happened. They also record the speed the vehicle was travelling.

Other features include a G-shock sensor that records the direction an impact came from, such as the front, back sides, top or bottom of the car. Parking mode allows all the devices to capture any incidents that occur while a vehicle is parked; while the photo mode function lets drivers take photographic evidence of an incident.




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