The 64,000-dollar transport innovation

A device that reduces the wear in truck braking systems, resulting in huge potential savings, is among three bright new ideas for the transport industry to each receive $64,000 in Australian Government funding to help bring them to market.
Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, today announced a total of more than $2.1 million in grants for 33 innovations under the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) program.
This funding is about getting great Aussie innovations into the market place, boosting the economy and supporting high-wage, high-skill jobs.
Martin James Pty Ltd, of Portland Victoria, will receive a $64,000 grant under the COMET program to help bring its ‘torque diverter’ braking system to market. The system works by stabilising the brake calliper, thereby spreading the wear more evenly and diverting the torque – or braking force – to the axle.
In the heavy-haulage industry, the cost of replacing brakes can run into thousands of dollars per truck. This device could mean big savings for operators that flow on to consumers.
COMET funding has also been awarded to help develop two other projects designed to assist the transport industry:
• web software developed by (Aust Pty Ltd) of Keils Mountain Qld, a car-pooling service that reports on saved kilometres, fuel and emissions; and
• Biobike Pty Ltd, of Helenvale Qld, for its exercise bike and bicycle fitting machine.
A COMET business adviser will assist the companies to use their grants for a strategic business plan, market research, an intellectual property strategy and working prototype activities to bring their products to market.
COMET is one of more than 30 business programs delivered by AusIndustry. For more information on these programs, visit the AusIndustry website, call the hotline on 13 28 46 or email
Details of the transport grants are below and a list of all new grants announced today can be found at
The three winners
Biobike Pty Ltd, QLD
Exercise bike and bicycle fitting machine.
Biobike Pty Ltd has developed a hydraulically-driven, adjustable bike frame that will determine the optimum customised fit for the individual rider. This information can be used for subsequent production of a customised bike. It can be also be used for training purposes and rehabilitation. The hydraulically-driven adjustable bike frame uses sensors to make millimetre changes to its configuration, e.g. seat tube length, top tube length, stem length, head tube angle saddle height, etc. As changes to speed, power in watts, torque, heart rate, cadence etc. occur, the bike frame continues to change until the optimum configuration for the individual rider is established. This information is recorded on an onboard computer that can store the specifications on a portable memory device.
COMET funding will be used for management development, strategic business planning, market research, intellectual property strategy, working prototype and proven technology activities.
Contact: Stewart Williams on 0413 774 108
Martin James Pty Ltd, VIC
Torque Diverter is an aftermarket product to substantially reduce the high wear characteristics of heavy vehicle disc brakes.
Martin James Pty Ltd has developed the ‘Torque Diverter’, a disc brake calliper designed to reduce the wear in truck brake systems. The core innovation is a mechanical device that transfers the torque acting on truck brake callipers during braking to a self-aligning mechanism, which more evenly spreads the wear on the disc rotors and pads.
COMET funding will be used for market research, intellectual property strategies, working prototype and proven technology activities.
Contact: Martin James on 0429 144 775
Carpool-It.Com (Aust) Pty Ltd, QLD provides corporations and institutions with a secure, web-hosted service that assists in the delivery of an automated, address level carpool matching service. (Aust) Pty Ltd has developed a secure, web-hosted service for corporations and institutions,, that allows them to deliver automated, address-level carpool matching services for their workforce. The product can accurately calculate the avoided activity and can report road kilometres avoided, fuel saved, emissions avoided and thus generate a net present value. This information can be used both to promote and support carpooling in the organisation and community and to justify the corporate investment required to produce and sustain the behaviour change.
COMET funding will be used for strategic business planning, market research, the development of intellectual property strategies, a working prototype as well as proven technology activities.
Contact: Michael Mccann on 0412 281 637

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