Pioneer Electronics outsources logistics

Pioneer Electronics Australia is relocating its head office to improve overall operational efficiency, following its decision to outsource its warehousing to NYK Logistics.
Confronting aging office facilities, excess office space, and a load reduction in warehousing following the exit of plasma, Pioneer will look to acquire new, modern office amenities in Melbourne.
In a move that will see Pioneer’s Victorian office, service and spare parts staff move office, the company has signed a letter of intent to outsource its warehouse logistics to NYK Logistics, a logistics specialist used internationally by Pioneer.
Australia is currently the only Pioneer sales entity still operating with an internal warehouse, so it is somewhat out of step. By moving, Pioneer will secure a new facility to better support its business needs, as well as benefit from flexible warehouse costs and unlock funds tied up in the property.
The move in logistics should be almost seamless to our retail partners and, in the long term, should help us to further improve our service levels,” said Bruce Blythe, chief finance and operations manager at Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty Ltd.
With Pioneer’s Head Office listed on the property market, a relocation date is still to be determined.
“Our timeframe is quite fluid, as it is largely dependent of the sale of [the current building], but we will most likely see the warehouse logistics outsourced some time in January 2010,” added Blythe.

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