New licensing system to improve safety

People who operate forklifts, cranes and a wide range of other high risk equipment as well as those working in a number of occupations under ‘Certificates of competency’ or ‘tickets’ need to switch to the new ‘Licence to Perform High Risk Work’ in Victoria.

All certificates of competency expire between 31 January 2008 and 30 June 2012, depending on when they were first issued. Certificates issued before July 1978 and 30 June 1990 expire during 2008.

The ‘Licence to Perform High Risk Work’ is being introduced to align Victoria with national safety standards. It includes a photograph to reduce fraudulent activity and improve interstate recognition of current skills. They need to be renewed every five years.

“Registering online to make the change is quick and easy,” said WorkSafe’s executive director John Merritt.

“People with a current ‘ticket’ do not need to be re-tested, but they do need to declare that their skills are current.”

The new ‘Licence to Perform High Risk Work’ replaces a number of old certificates of competency (tickets) and applies to 29 pieces of equipment and jobs.

Information about the program, including a timetable showing specific expiry dates can be found on WorkSafe’s website, or call the advisory service on (03) 9641 1444 or 1800 136 089 (toll free).

Transferring to the new licence is simple

1.  Register online

You must register in order for WorkSafe to send you a Licence to Perform High Risk Work Transfer Application Form. Register at You will need to provide your Certificate number and date of issue. If you have more than one Certificate, use the earliest issue date.

If you can’t provide your certificate number or issue date, contact WorkSafe Victoria’s Licensing Branch at or call 1300 852 562.

2.  Complete the application form

Three months before your existing Certificate expires, WorkSafe will send you a Licence to Perform High Risk Work Transfer Application pack. You will then have three months to lodge the completed form before your Certificate expires. Complete the form, but do not sign it. Your signature must be witnessed by an Australia Post officer at lodgement.

3.  Lodge the application form

The application form must be lodged by you, in person, at an Australia Post outlet. You can find your nearest outlet on the Australia Post website, at You must take your completed, original form, at least 100 points of ID, all your current Victorian issued Certificates, a recent passport size photo of yourself, and the application fee of $45.

Australia Post will process your application on behalf of WorkSafe. You should receive your licence within four weeks – more complex applications may take longer.

Details of the application process are provided on your transfer application form.


How to find out more

For more information, contact WorkSafe’s Advisory Service on 1800 136 089, or go to  For application enquiries, contact WorkSafe’s Licensing Branch on 1300 852 562 or at


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