High-speed retail and ticketing printer released

Claimed to be the world’s fastest high-resolution thermal PoS printer, the CT-S801 from Citizen Systems Europe is being used in an innovative new ticketing and retail kiosk.


Designed for use in busy retail applications, where rapid sales throughput is vital to maintain profit margins, Newbury Data’s ND4000 Slimline Series kiosks are using the Citizen printers, which are capable of running at speeds of 300 mm/second, typically 50% faster than comparable models, for quick and simple receipt issuing.


The new kiosks have been designed to offer fast purchasing and ticket printing in a wide variety of environments, from busy retail premises, through tourism attractions and mass transit stations, to gaming and event management locations. Available as either wall mounted or standing models, the kiosks are particularly compact and boast a wealth of features, including an easy-to-use touch screen and a chip and pin terminal, for fast and versatile self fulfilment or retail ticketing and receipt printing. 


Jamie Tilley, sales director of Newbury Data said: “The aim was to keep the footprint of the kiosks as compact as possible in order for them to be used in areas where space is at a premium. As a result, we needed to use components that were small and that wouldn’t require multiple leads for power and connectivity. The CT-S801 was an obvious choice as it offered us maximum convenience and flexibility. In particular, the printer can run either off its own power supply or by taking it from other equipment, allowing us to reduce the number of power points needed to run the kiosk.”


Citizen’s CT-S801 also enabled Newbury Data to reduce the number of computer interfaces required to operate the new units, helping to reduce the dimensions still further, while also offering particularly easy integration. For example, by simply connecting the Citizen printer to the ticket printer using a serial cable, the system would automatically feed the receipt printing job to the Citizen printer, while the other printer produced the tickets. 


In addition, the printers have been built for a long operating life, with a two million-cycle cutter, robust thermoplastic case and all metal internal mechanism, enabling them to withstand prolonged use without the risk of damage or malfunction.


Just as importantly, the printers incorporate a host of innovative features, with quick change, trouble-free media mechanisms that minimise downtime and boost productivity and profitability still further. Indeed, paper rolls take just seconds to replace and long life thermal heads and cutter units snap in easily, eliminating the need for tools or the services of a technician. In the event of a paper jam, the integrated self retracting cutters can be automatically reset in seconds simply by unlocking the paper cover lever. 



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