Global airline capacity starts to grow again

Global airline capacity for September 2009 is showing positive growth for the second consecutive month, reports OAG. The world’s airlines have scheduled 296.9 million seats, a rise of 1.4% (4,130,744 more seats) over September 2008 levels. Air cargo capacity is closely linked to passenger seat numbers as over 80% of air cargo is carried on passenger aircraft.
David Beckerman, vice president of OAG Market Intelligence, said: “As the [northern] summer season winds down, the steady upward trend we have seen since May is continuing. After 11 straight months of capacity cutbacks, these figures indicate a growing confidence within the industry that demand for air travel is starting to pick up."
Frequencies are marginally down compared to September 2008. The world’s airlines have scheduled a total of 2.4 million flights for September 2009, down by 0.6% (14,321 fewer flights) compared with the same month last year. Last month, the year on year global frequency figure was down by 2% and capacity was up by 0.2%.
The figures are revealed in the September 2009 edition of OAG FACTS (Frequency & Capacity Trend Statistics), the dynamic monthly market intelligence tool providing the latest data on current passenger airline activity around the world.
OAG FACTS uses interactive graphs to display a visual trend of the performance of a specific airport, route, country or region from 2001 onwards, sourced from OAG’s consolidated database of global airline schedules. A more detailed review of this month’s OAG FACTS statistics – including information about specific regions, routes and airports with illustrative charts and graphs – is available to download here.

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