Clever trim program saves tonnes of fuel

In an attempt to help mitigate the impact of soaring fuel prices on sea freight, shipping technology provider Eniram Ltd. has rolled out its new system designed to cut emissions and save costs.

Based on dynamic data automatically retrieved from operational vessel management applications and purpose-built sensors, the Dynamic Trimming Assistant (DTA)  system provides a multidimensional analysis model, which allows operators to set the optimum trim.

Optimising the vessel’s attitude permits operators to minimise water resistance, cutting fuel consumption and resultantly reducing emissions. 

 “The price for fuel used in seagoing vessels has more than doubled over the past five years, which has brought the issue of energy efficiency on the agenda of shipping companies globally,” says Henrik Dahl, Eniram managing director.

“With the recent environmental regulations demanding vessels to use distillates or blends, instead of heavy fuel oil, we are looking at further increases in fuel costs. Combined with the rise of green values that is set to revamp the competition in the shipping industry, the interest for environmentally friendly and fuel-saving technologies is clearly on the rise.”

The company said the first installations of the DTA system in cruise and freight vessels have demonstrated significant savings on fuel costs and emissions, prompting the industry to upgrade their technology in vessels both under construction and already operative.

Eniram marine operations manager Eero Lehtovaara said: “Decreasing fuel consumption is the single fastest way to save costs, reduce emissions and gain competitive advantage in the shipping industry.

“Fleet modernisation will only help to a limited extent, as fuel consumption in modern vessels is in fact not that different from older vessels. A more efficient and faster deployable solution is to ensure that the vessels are operated right.”

The system is deployable either in the construction phase or at any time during the lifecycle of sea vessels.


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