Automatic case picking innovation

Schaefer Case Picking system

A new case picking system that can automatically select, palletise and stretch-wrap stable and mixed case pallets, allowing operators to handle a wide range of stock keeping units (SKUs) was showcased at CeMat 2008 in Hannover.

The Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) system, which won the MM Logistik Award, is suitable for retail distribution processes delivering missed and full-case pallets directly to store, including grocery, frozen, electronics and footwear.

With its ability to manage various pallet parameters, the fully automated system is expected to reduce order cycle times and labour through increased workflow accuracy, enabling operators to cut trasnportation costs.

Energy consumption and freight costs can also be cut through maximising the use of available transport space and optimisation of route planning.

The modular, scalable and expandable system can process 30,000 to 300,000 cases per day.

The SCP integrates services including goods receiving, de-palletising, buffering, order-picking, sequencing and customer specific palletising to the goods issuing department; every step of the warehousing process for ambient food and temperature controlled goods.

For more information on the new Schaefer Case Picking system call 1800 SCHAEFER.


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