Get informed about the new industrial relations laws at Freight Week 2009

Industrial Relations will be the topic of much interest for the afternoon of Monday 7 September, with a discussion on Australia’s new industrial laws, which came into effect on 1 July 2009.
These new laws will directly impact the recruitment of staff and their employment terms and conditions. Leading Queens Counsel, David Galbally, will oversee presentations from the Fair Work Ombudsman, employers, the ACTU and the TWU, leaving participants with a clear understanding of the new laws, with some emphasis on how the union movement views them. David Galbally will lead prominent presenters, panels and open debate on:
Industrial relations – another new beginning.
Fair Work Act 2009 & the Fair Work Ombudsman – how will these new laws impact the transport and logistics industry.
Fair Work Education and Information Program.
David Galbally QC says: “The Fair Work Act is Labor’s attempt at a fairer workplace relations system. The changes might be described as cosmetic. The system creates National Employment Standards with an increased ‘safety net’ of minimum conditions that employers must provide for their employees.
“Unfair dismissal laws have been brought back. However, concessions are still made for small employers with no access being provided to employees of companies with less than 15 employees. Greater force has been given to enterprise bargaining agreements with good faith bargaining obligations set out in the Fair Work Act. Union representation rights have also been enhanced. This is yet another Federal Government that has re-branded Industrial Relations laws.”
Freight Week 2009 is held by the Victorian Transport Association and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce. Freight Week aims to highlight the issues, activities, technology and developments, in fact every facet concerning freight in Victoria.
VTA’s Industrial Advisor, Paul Ryan said: “Miss out on this afternoon and you will struggle to understand how the new Fair Work Act will affect your business.”
Freight Week 2009 continues with the theme ‘Delivering Solutions’.
When: 7-11 September 2009
Where: Melbourne Tennis Centre
Freight Week is a must attend event for all in the freight and logistics industry as it is so vital to
Victoria’s future.

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