FALCONSW does it again in the Riverina

The Freight & Logistics Council of NSW (FALCONSW) held its fourth workshop in a series of seven at Wagga Wagga for those interested in transport and logistics in the Riverina regional industry and government. The workshop attracted 35 people representing importers, exporters, manufacturers, transport operators, infrastructure and government, both local and state.
Hugh McMaster, FALCONSW’s acting executive officer said it is extremely interesting to see both the differences and the similarities between the findings of each of the workshops.
The Riverina region has the choice for exports and imports to travel either through Melbourne or Sydney ports. The main difference is an intermodal (road/rail) transport system to Port of Melbourne, while currently the only containerised transport to Sydney port is by road. It was said at the workshop that many of the containerised exports from this region require 20’ general containers that are more available from empty container parks in Sydney than in Melbourne.
There was a call for improved logistics for containerised imports into the region, particularly for products required by local manufacturers. A lot of discussion also centred on empty container management issues. Participants felt that if AQIS and Customs services were available in the region, more import containers could be unpacked within the region, thus making more empty containers available locally for exporters. This would improve the efficiency for both importers’ and exporters’ supply chains. This also raised the issue whether the import containers (size, type and ownership) appropriate for exporters. General consensus was that at this stage only a few containers would be able to be matched, but more research and work on the international container origin/destination locations could see the percentage of matched import/export containers increase.
Some of the consistent issues arising from the four workshops to date have been:
  • Support for the federal government’s push for nationally consistent road and rail regulations.
  • Dedicated freight rail to and through Sydney.
  • The need to address the skills shortage across the freight & logistics sector.
Future workshops: you are invited to participate!
This Thursday 13 August, Stamford Hotel, Mascot – 8am to 11am.
Next Tuesday 18 August, DSRD Office, Parramatta – 2pm to 5pm.
Next Wednesday 19 August, Macarthur Shipping Terminal, Minto – 9am to 12 noon.
Please register 24 hours before each workshop by email to hmcmaster@talc.com.au.

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