Skills Formation Strategy for Queensland

This initiative aims to build the capacity of the transport and logistics industry to work together on common workforce issues in order to give greater support to its future growth.
The project will support the growth of the future T&L workforce in Queensland by working on issues that can only be addressed, or are best addressed, at an industry, rather than enterprise level.
The vision of this project for the industry is:
  1. To enhance the image of the Transport and Logistics sector as a valued career option and,
  2. To support the industry’s efforts at attracting, training and retaining a high quality workforce.
What’s been happening?
We have had a great response from industry over the past several months seeking involvement and offering support for the project. A steering committee was formed in March 2009, which subsequently decided that the four focus areas for the project over the next 15 months should be:
  1. Defining the sector.
  2. Image & awareness.
  3. Improving & recognising skills & training.
  4. Industry engagement.
How are we going to do this?
Dedicated working groups (WGs) have been established to address those key actions agreed upon by the Steering Committee in each of the project focus areas. These WGs will meet monthly and provide industry within Queensland a deeper engagement mechanism to get involved in the project. The WGs will also begin to address the many issues likely to have an impact on the sustainability of our workforce in this state.
A small sample of the issues the WGs are currently addressing:
  • Reviewing the ‘T&L’ logo and brand.
  • Developing a communications and culture strategy to assist industry to better understand and utilise existing industry specific training and communicate the main funding options attached to the training packages.
  • Better mechanisms for Queensland’s T&L industry to speak as one voice on workforce issues.
  • Improved strategies to communicate to both the existing workforce, and also to people outside the industry, the excellent career paths and opportunities available within T&L.
What about regional industry?
Over the coming month, the Steering Committee is developing a communications plan to engage the wider T&L community in Queensland. A roadshow to the major regional T&L hubs is being planned for September/October 2009. This will include hosting an evening of industry presentations, networking opportunities and social activities.
Expressions of interest from all communities will be sought to engage in this project at various levels over the next 15 months and help the WGs and Steering Committee to develop workforce sustainability strategies that best support T&L throughout all of Queensland.
Please contact Gary Pearson, project manager, Skills Formation Strategy Transport & Logistics, on 0414 587 582 or email

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