New website a gateway to the IAP

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) has entered its ‘live’ phase with the announcement of Sigtec Pty Ltd as the first IAP Service Provider.

To support the progression to live IAP, Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA), the company administering the IAP, has created a dedicated IAP website.

Designed to be a comprehensive IAP gateway, has specific sections for transport operators, owner drivers, logistics managers and drivers. It also provides a broad range of general IAP information and has a range of IAP publications and fact sheets available for download, including the very popular and informative Transport Operator and Driver Guideline.

TCA Chief Executive Officer Chris Koniditsiotis says the new website has an important role to play in the development of the IAP.

“One of the biggest challenges to any reform is communication and implementation. When you are dealing with something new; that has not been done before, that is not physically tangible, you must champion the reform.

“By creating a dedicated IAP website we have provided a tangible presence for the IAP. The IAP website has been designed as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anyone with an interest in the program, from transport operators and drivers to logistics companies and all levels of government.

“As such it is a single gateway to all things IAP. It includes web pages for IAP information specifically provided by each State and Territory road authority, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section and a Latest News section,” Mr Koniditsiotis said.

An excellent source of general IAP information, TCA intends to expand and develop along with the IAP itself, ensuring the transport industry and the wider community continue to have easy access to IAP information and news.


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