11,000 Bollywood DVD copies face destruction

Customs officers in Sydney will organise the destruction of more than 11,000-pirated Indian movie DVDs which they have seized.

The Bollywood counterfeits were in two commercial consignments from Singapore. The shipments also contained thousands of copies of covers for the DVDs. The goods were seized because they contravene the Copyright Act.

Customs acting national manager for Trade Policy, John Potter, said: "These counterfeits represent a deliberate attempt to rip off the legitimate DVD rights holder. Illegitimate importers who attempt to flout Australian law will forfeit their goods and lose their money.

A recent OECD report into Counterfeiting and Piracy indicates that the international trade in counterfeit and pirated products could have been worth up to USD 200 billion in 2005 alone. The report states items that counterfeiters and pirates produce and distribute are often substandard and can even be dangerous, posing health and safety risks that range from mild to life-threatening.


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