The Australian Pallet Survey 2017 is on

The Australian Pallet Survey 2017 is on

The Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics at Deakin University is keen to hear from you about pallet usage. By following this link to complete a short survey you can contribute your experience and access the findings of the research.

Researchers at the Centre are hoping to establish a regular Australian Pallet Survey covering user requirements and usage patterns nationwide. Director of the Centre Dr Hermione Parsons said: “We found that Australian information on pallet usage is not readily available, in comparison with the US Pallet Survey, for example. Pallets may not seem a very glamourous topic for research but they are crucial equipment in Australian supply chains. We are hoping to pick up on trends such as ‘less than pallet load’ requirements, as freight becomes much more granular, and the trends in requirements for pallet tracking.”

Key industry manufacturing and transport and logistics peak bodies have agreed to circulate the survey to their members, understanding that they will then be able to distribute the findings of the 5-minute online and anonymous questionnaire. Australian Logistics Council CEO Michael Kilgariff said the information gathered would be very useful to his members, given their work in recent years on pallets. “This is an opportunity to get more publicly available information, and, if the survey is repeated regularly, we should see some trends in pallet needs and usage emerge.”

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