Sydney courier hub eases CBD congestion

Sydney courier hub eases CBD congestion

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast has announced Sydney CBD couriers will be able to continue to use dedicated parking spaces, secure cages and lockers as the Transport for NSW courier hub trial is extended for another year until January 2018.

Ms Prendergast said since January 2016 Transport for NSW has been using the Goulburn Street Parking Station space provided by the City of Sydney as a distribution and collection point on the fringe of the CBD for couriers and businesses.

“The courier hub is an innovative alternative to driving vans into the heart of the CBD and the trial aims to reduce the number of vehicles on the streets of the CBD,” Ms Prendergast said.

“Over the past year, eight courier companies have been testing the hub by transferring parcels from vans to couriers on foot and bicycles that then make deliveries to customers throughout the CBD.

“On average, the couriers are using the hub 60 times a day to help keep Sydney’s offices and shops open for business.

“So far, we’ve had really positive feedback with operators telling us it has helped improve their service to customers.

“We are pleased the trial will be extended for a further year to help ease congestion in the CBD and improve the efficiency for couriers and businesses.”

When operating at full capacity it’s estimated that in one year the hub could help ease congestion by saving 26,000 kilometres travelled by van in the CBD and reducing loading zone usage by around 4,600 hours.

“We agree the courier hub has been successful, resulting in fewer delivery vans in the CBD and an increase in active transport,” City of Sydney chief executive officer Monica Barone said.


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