Wedderburn becomes an Associate Alliance Partner with GS1 Australia

Wedderburn becomes an Associate Alliance Partner with GS1 Australia

Wedderburn, a weighing, packaging and labelling company in Australia and New Zealand, has entered into the GS1 Alliance Partner Program as an Associate Alliance Partner.

Manufacturing its first scale in 1896, today Wedderburn is at the leading edge of technology. It supplies a vast range of equipment and technical services for weighing, food processing, label manufacturing, printers and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

“Wedderburn’s announcement to enter into the GS1 Australia Alliance Partner program is a great asset to the Alliance Partner community as they specialise in the important Australian food and grocery industry. To add, Wedderburn is a successful Australian technology company that, as an Alliance Partner, will bring great value to industry sectors implementing GS1 standards in AIDC aspects,” said Miss Joseli C Münive, national manager, alliances & ICT industry, at GS1 Australia.

Business manager at Wedderburn Pablo Dematteis said: “Wedderburn has been providing barcoding to our customers for over 30 years, with the introduction of some of the first weigh-labellers into the Australian market. These weigh-labellers printed weight-embedded barcodes to GS1 standards. To this date, we continue to provide barcoding to our customers, covering all aspects of the supply chain and continue to use the GS1 numbering system.”

GS1 Wedderburn packaging barcodes

GS1 Australia’s Alliance Partner Program provides small and large businesses with a diverse range of benefits including supply chain enabling tools, priority notification of new technologies and innovation initiatives to improve supply chain efficiency, best practice case studies and professional advice in making the GS1 implementation smoother and easier.


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