Pallets into art

Pallets into art
A Will Matteyson clock.

Detail from a Will Matteyson clock.

The use of reclaimed wood is presently one of the hottest design trends, as demonstrated by the overwhelming interest in the upcoming ‘Create from a Crate’ Competition and Exhibition.

The Woodworkers Association in partnership with Waste Converters have re-launched the successful competition in 2014, receiving more than double the applications than in previous years. Skilled furniture makers, sculptors, turners and carvers from around Australia have taken up the challenge to produce a prize-winning design or artwork from just two recycled wooden pallets used to import product to Australia from the USA

Every year hundreds of thousands of crates and pallets containing goods and components from all over the world are imported into Australia. Much of this packaging ends up in landfill, and it is estimated that over 500,000 tonnes of timber waste is disposed of each year in Victoria, enough to fill the MCG 1.5 times.

Ward Petherbridge from Waste Converters Recycling launched the exhibition as a way of educating the community about wood-packaging waste.

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